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Ball Refill Vigor Labs

30 Capsules

Orgasm Forstærker. Forøger Sædmængde.
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Naturally increases the amount of semen you produce with BALL REFILL . Increase your load in no time and have MEGA orgasms with Ball Refill The most extreme sexual health supplements providing mind blowing, heart pounding, body rocking orgasms for men.

The best part about sex for a man is unleashing his reserve onto his lover. BALL REFILL allows you to increase the amount of volume you have to spray and shortens the recovery time to do it all over again. Get those balls filled before sex to overflowing and refill them after quickly for another go. This is the first PRE and POST sexual health product putting it into a category all of its own. Reading about this product is not going to do it justice. Imagine the best orgasm you ever had, after lets say two weeks of abstaining from any erotic enjoyment, felt pretty good right. Now imagine having that same feeling and that level of volume every time you release. Increase Your Performance By Stacking Ball Refill with ChainSaw BALL REFILL is a Semen Volumizer for bigger and better orgasms. Other Benefits Include: The first Extreme Semen Volumizer Fill them up before or refill after sex! Shoot further with more spurts Boost libido and desire Potent formula for more satisfying sex Better feeling orgasms and sex Great with Chainsaw Part of the 'Sexual Massacre Stack' 30 DAY SUPPLY 30 Tasteless capsules - Dietary Supplement Potent formula with expensive, rare ingredients Get results you can feel Made in a cGMP lab in the USA Fill 'em up! Ball Refill Ingredients: Vitamin B3, Zinc, Maca,Horny Goat weed Extract, Panax Ginseng, Yohimbe Extract, Sarsaparilla, Tribulus Terestris, Saw Palmetto extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Long jack Extract, Flower Pollen Extract, Chrysin Other Ball Refill Ingredient: gelatin,rice flour, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide,fd and c red#40 and titanium dioxide. Ball Refill Directions: Take one(1) BALL REFILL capsule daily. You can take BALL REFILL 30-45 mins prior to sexual activity to withness the power of BALL REFILL . Ball Refill Searchables: ballrefill,ball-refill,semen volumizer,siemen,cum, BALL REFILL ,orgasm,enhancer,enhancment

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