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TriLastin-Sr Creme (6 ounce Tube) - Fjerner Strækmærker

TriLastin-Sr Creme (6 ounce Tube) - Fjerner Strækmærker

5.5 oz / 162 ml

Trilastin-Sr fjerner strækmærker som ingen anden creme på markedet. Varig dramatisk formindskelse af dybe furer og skjolder i løbet af 3 uger. Med TriLASTIN-SR®, kan Strækmærker helt undgås, eller bl
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Trilastin-Sr fjerner strækmærker som ingen anden creme på markedet. Varig dramatisk formindskelse af dybe furer og skjolder i løbet af 3 uger.

Med TriLASTIN-SR®, kan Strækmærker helt undgås, eller blive forbedret.
  • Beskytter og forhindrer Strækmærker under graviditet, Øget Vægt eller Bodybuilding.
  • Det Nye TRILASTIN-SR® er 3X mere koncentreret end den originale TriLASTIN.
  • En ekslusiv Patch og FillingSphere teknologi stimulerer heling og giver hurtig fure reduktion. Lige Effektiv for både mænd og kvinder af alle skin typer og farver.
  • En Formular der er Hypoallergen, Ikke-Fedtet, og stænker ikke.

Strækmærker kan forekomme hos både mænd og kvinder. Valg af den bedste strækmærke creme for at forhindre eller slippe af med strækmærker er nu et klart valg. TriLASTIN-SR giver en sikker og effektiv behandling for kvinder under svangerskab, bodybuilders, strækmærker fra wægttab eller andre årsager.

Stretch marks are caused when the elastic fibers that bind the skin (elastin & collagen) are overstressed, resulting in small tears in the form of stretch marks.

While skin’s elastic nature is amazing in its ability to expand as we grow, unfortunately it has its limitations. Stretch marks (striae) are actually made up of scar tissue that result when the skin’s ability to expand is exceeded. This can occur from pregnancy, weight gain, bodybuilding / weightlifting, as well as from rapid growth spurts common during puberty. Some other known causes can be the result of using steroidal creams or ointments, such as hydrocortisone, if used on the skin for longer than a few weeks. High doses of corticosteroids taken orally for longer than a month may also contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks.

Stretch marks may vary in their appearance. When they first show up they may have a reddish or purplish coloration and appear slightly indented into the skin, with a noticeably different texture. In many cases, stretch marks may fade over time to a more silver-white color; however, their texture normally remains fairly consistent. Because scar tissue tends to have less melanin (pigment), tanning may make them become more visible as they may not darken with the surrounding skin.

Skin has two major proteins that help make up its structure, collagen and elastin. Collagen is the connective tissue that binds skin’s structure together, whereas elastin is the component that gives it elasticity. TriLASTIN-SR can help provide the skin with the essential elements it needs to not only help maintain its maximum elasticity, which helps to prevent stretch marks, but to recover from existing stretch mark scarring by employing advanced Virtual Patch and Filling Micro-Sphere technologies. TriLASTINSR is a comprehensive compound of peptides, proteins, anti-oxidants and humectants, specifically formulated to work in synergy. TriLASTIN SR’s proprietary complex of 11 scientifically proven bioactive components can substantially reduce the depth and length of deeply furrowed stretch mark tissue as well as the characteristic discoloration associated with stretch mark scarring.

  • How much TriLASTIN-SR® should I apply?
    A dime-sized amount is sufficient to effectively treat a surface area of approximately 6 to 8 square inches.

  • How often should I apply TriLASTIN-SR?
    TriLASTIN-SR should be applied 2 to 3 times daily on clean, dry skin utilizing a firm circular motion until the cream is completely absorbed (usually about 30 seconds).

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