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SizeOn (2.84 lbs) by Gaspari. Den Maksimale Kreatin Nedbrydning.

SizeOn - Den Eneste Cell-Volumizer Indeholdene Kreatin Gluconate

3.59 lbs / 1.6 kg - Grape Cooler

Intet andet Kreatin cell-volumizing produkt virker så hurigt og så længe som SizeOn™ SizeOn™ Vor Nye Formel er den eneste cell-volumizer der indeholder Kreatin Gluconate. SizeOn™ er det første kreatin
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Intet andet Kreatin cell-volumizing produkt virker så hurigt og så længe som SizeOn™

SizeOn™ Vor Nye Formel er den eneste cell-volumizer der indeholder Kreatin Gluconate.

SizeOn™ er det første kreatin med en 'two staged' system der ikke kræver en forhåndsperiode, men forsikrer hurtig, vedvarende og maximal muskel volumization. Desuden er SizeOn™ den eneste cell-volumizer på markedet med Outlast™, den første bio-manipulerede kulhydrat spicielt designeret for atleter og bodybuilders. Med dets firedoblede aktiverede matrix, er der intet andet der kan sammenlignes med SizeOn™ for længere, hårdere trænings sessioner. SizeOn™ er så hurtig, at du bogstaveligt talt vil føle og se stigninger i mave muskulaturen og fiber styrke 24-36 timer efter, og i modsætning til andre cell-volumizers garanterer SizeOn™ intet maveubehag, ingen ophustethed eller ubehag, ingen kvalme, eller hyppige 'toilet besøg'.

SizeOn™ - The Ultimate Creatine, Cell Volumizing Solution!

If you were at the Mr. Olympia Contest Expo 2006 you undoubtedly heard about Gaspari Nutrition's new Creatine Gluconate based cell volumizing solution - SizeOn™ There has never been a cell volumizer as technically sound and scientifically founded as SizeOn™ and we know all too well that this product is going to 'raise the bar' for the other cell volumizers out there. What makes SizeOn™ so special? Well we like to say it is the 'fastest acting - longest lasting, cell volumizer on the planet' but that's a bit too general. Let's talk about what makes SizeOn™ so unique and effective.

Creatine Gluconate is the newest type of creatine and will probably turn out to be the most effective form to hit the supplement market. Developed by Bruce Kneller exclusively for Gaspari Nutrition, this is actually the ionic salt of a creatine ion bonded to a glucose ion. The result is that you have something that gets absorbed into the system in much of the same way glucose does (easily and almost completely), mixes very well into water, tastes great and more importantly, if likely to be the most effective creatine ever made. The reason for this is as elegant as it is simple: Most of the delivery systems used to get creatine into the blood and muscle from the GI track use a 'single stage delivery system' - they work, some work very well, but they don't provide optimal or maximal delivery. For example Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE) uses the ethyl ester to deliver the creatine into the bloodstream (and it does this very well) but when the molecule splits into ions, you are left with creatine (good) and ethyl alcohol/ethanol (not so good). There is no 'afterburner' affect to push the creatine into the muscle cells faster or with more 'force'. The creatine 'gets into the muscle cells' at less than an optimal or maximal rate. But with Creatine Gluconate, the glucose is the delivery system. It is absorbed well from the GI track into the bloodstream and when 'the split' occurs, you end up with creatine and glucose (much better than alcohol) and glucose causes a nice insulin spike to help push itself, along with the creatine, into the muscle cells with 'more force' and much faster. This two staged delivery system is unique among all creatines on the market. Just remember where you saw it first.

SizeOn™ also contains a unique, proprietary, patent-pending oligosaccharide called Outlast™ which is a low glycemic, complex carbohydrate that has deliberately been bioengineered to have some unique properties similar to amylase/amylopectin mixes except without the 'clumping' associated with those types of mixes. Gaspari Nutrition is the very first (and only) company to license Outlast™ for use in their product line and you can expect to see Outlast™ in more Gaspari products in the future. It tastes very good, mixes well into water and juices but more importantly, it is a 'slow carb' - it takes a long time to be fully absorbed. In fact, it takes about 8 hours for this carb to fully make it from gut to plasma causing a constant and sustained energy supply. This is the perfect carbohydrate for those who need long term energy - triathletes, cyclists, marathoners, etc. But it also is a fantastic carb for those who need sustained energy levels beyond 45-60 minutes (like glucose or sucrose or maltodextrin provide you) to have those 'mega-workouts'. Interestingly enough, a constituent of Outlast™ has been demonstrated to actually assist in preventing the accumulation of adipose tissue along the flank and belly and it also has a positive neuropsychiatric effect - making it the first nootropic carbohydrate blend. Outlast™ is a quality source of energy but it's unique nature also helps you stay focused and motivated.

SizeOn™ also contains Disodium ATP. ATP is the energy source of all cells. It is not known if exogenous ATP sources are directly absorbed into the muscles (we know they do go right into the liver though) but irrespective of this, Disodium ATP is a useful product as it causes a profound insulinogenic effect and has a positive impact on insulin sensitivity through its effects on the prurine system.

SizeOn™ also contains a powdered form of glycerol; Glycerol Monostearate. Bodybuilders have long touted glycerol as a great supplement to give you that 'tight, shrink wrapped look'. It will 'pull interstitial water into the intracellular cytosol' to give you a pump that will blow your mind! However, since most forms of glycerol are fluids, it has been difficult to incorporate this into a supplement. Glycerol Monostearate is the first powdered, solid glycerol to ever be incorporated into a cell volumizing (or any) supplement!

SizeOn™ also contains a host of other cyto-volumizing constituents like 4-hydroxy-isoleucine, corosolic acid, a whopper dose of calcium, all three branched chain amino acids in the correct, optimum ratio along with a 100% daily supply of all water soluable vitamins.

SizeOn™ mixes effortlessly - a single scoop dissolves effortlessly into 16 ounces of water or juice. It comes in two delicious flavors - Arctic Lemon Ice and Wild Berry Punch. It is easy to use - just a single dose during or after a workout or even just before bed and you are good to go. It's the first cell volumizing product that doesn't have any loading phase - if you use SizeOn™ you will see amazing results within 24-48 hours and a single dose lasts for up to 72 (or in some cases, even longer) hours. This is why we say it is the 'fastest acting, longest lasting cell volumizer ever'.

SizeOn™ is perfect alone but it also stacks well with Gaspari SuperPump 250™ for a 'one-two' knock out punch that is unbeatable in the industry. Just use a serving of SuperPump 250™ thirty minutes before you hit the gym and then take SizeOn™ during or after your work out. The mind boggling pumps, the increased muscle belly size and the seemingly endless energy will blow your mind and blow up your physique to new heights.

SizeOn™ - No other supplement puts 'size on' as fast or as well as SizeOn™!

To optimize uptake and absorption of SizeOn™ mix one serving with 16-20 ounces of water and take orally once per day immediately before bed and on training days mix one serving with 16-20 ounces of water and drink during workout. Following this routine for 30 days will optimize concentrations of the ingredients in SizeOn™ in skeletal muscle tissue both intra-cellularly and interstitially. Noticeable effects should be experienced within the first 3 days of use with 90% of total effectiveness achievable by day 7 and total effects at 30 days and longer. SizeOn™ can safely be combined with all other Gaspari products to increase results, including Superpump 250™, Novedex XT™, and others.

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