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Cosamin DS (150 capsules) For joint health by Nutramax

Cosamin DS mod ledsmerter

150 capsules

Cosamin DS Indeholder glucosamine og chondroitin til lindring af ledsmerter, ubehag i knæ, hofter, hænder, ankler eller fødder, forårsaget af ledsygdom.
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Cosamin DS| Joint Health Supplement by Nutramax Labs for joint pain combines glucosamine and chondroitin for the stimulation of cartilage production to prevent cartilage deterioration and joint pain caused by joint disease and osteoarthritis. var addthis_config = {'data_track_clickback':true}; When you do even the simplest of everyday activities, there is tremendous pressure on your joints. Cosamin DS works Better, lasts longer! The Importance of Adding Glucosamine to Prevent Osteoarthritis and Other Joint Disorders: Since your body functions as one unit, maintaining healthy joints is important for your overall general health. Whether you are doing an everyday activity or exercising, you may notice discomfort in your knees, hips, hands, ankles or feet, Cosamin DS can help relieve your joint pain. Whether you suffer from Osteoarthritis or some other joint disease or joint disorder, Cosamin DS will relieve your joint pain and enable your body to repair cartilage so you can get back to living joint pain free! There are many factors that lead to cartilage breakdown and uncomfortable joints: AGE INACTIVITY OVERACTIVITY EXCESS WEIGHT INJURY GENETICS If you notice changes in your flexibility or joint functions, it is best to see your doctor and discuss the CosaminDS solution. Your doctor may discuss your joint health concerns and recommend weight control, exercise and/or taking CosaminDS. Early action is always best! Cosamin is now available in a dual synergistic formula that combines the exclusive formula of Cosamin DS with ASU. For improved joint health, try COSAMIN ASU. CosaminDS tablets are easy-to-swallow and scored for convenience in reducing daily intake. Initially, CosaminDS intake is three tablets daily. Typically, after two months, the intake decreases to two tablets daily. CosaminDS tablets are available in 75 and 150-count bottles. Ingredients: 500 mg of high purity FCHG49® glucosamine HCl and 400 mg of high purity low molecular weight TRH122® chondroitin sulfate, Nutramax Laboratories® exclusive researched specifications. Unlike some nutritional supplements, CosaminDS tablets do not contain added yeast, corn, wheat, sugar, soy, milk, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Other Ingredients: CosaminDS contains TRH122® Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate and FCHG49® Glucosamine HCl, Nutramax Laboratories® exclusive researched specifications. Directions: Take 1-2 tablets daily. Initial 1-2 months: take 3 tablets daily. Searchables: Cosamin DS, cosaminds, Cosamin, joint health, cos minds, cosamin-ds, osteoarthritis, joint pain, joint health, glucosamine, nutramax

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