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Virility EX Piller (60 Kapsler) Potenspiller for Stimuleret Seksualkraft

Virility EX Piller Potenspiller for Stimuleret Seksualkraft

60 tablets

The all-natural ingredients improve blood flow and circulation, giving you a bigger erection, increased sexual stamina and greater virility.
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Virility EX Extra Strength vil hjælpe dig til en større og fastere rejsning,  der er længere varende og giver en bedre seksuel udførelse.

Føler du, du en manglerende  maskulinitet i soveværelset?

Eftersom vi bliver ældre, bliver det sværere at blive seksuelt ophidset, og opretholde en erektion  under hele samlejet.   Andre faktorer, der kan føre til et formindsket sexliv og erektionsproblem omfatter lavt testosteron,  alkohol, rygning , kost, stress, angst, mangel på tillid, generel sundhed, o.s.v. ..

Virilitet EX er et produkt der styrker og stimulerer seksualkraften. Det vil genskabe din virilitet,  så du kan genvinde din sekslyst  og få  hende til at føle sig som den kvinde hun er! Giv hende en tilfredsstillende og seksuel præstation,  hun aldrig vil glemme!

Do you feel you're lacking masculinity in the bedroom? 

As we age, it becomes more difficult to become sexually aroused, and sustain an erection throughout intercourse. Sometimes, it's too difficult to even make it to this stage! Other factors that can lead to a diminished sex life and erection problems include low testosterone, drinking, smoking, diet, stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, overall health, etc...      

Virility EX is an extra strength male and sexual enhancement product that will restore your virility so you can regain your 'manly' man prominence and make her truly feel like the woman she is! Give her a satisfying and fulfilling sexual performance that she'll never forget!  



  • An increase in erection size. 
  • Longer lasting and substantially firmer erections.
  • Exceptional sexual stamina and staying power.
  • Better overall sexual performance.
  • Virility and confidence boost.
It's no secret that good blood flow and circulation are crucial when it comes to male and sexual enhancement. The all-natural, herbal ingredients in Virility EX work to dilate the blood vessels so more blood can push through to give you maximum erection and performance potential. Now, a more 'virile' you will possess the self-confidence and sexual physicality to provide your partner all night pleasure!

Virility EX Directions:

Suggested use: Take 2 tablets 20 minutes before sex or as directed by your healthcare provider.  Do not exceed 2 tablets every 2 hours. Do not exceed suggested use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not give to children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Virility EX Ingredients:

Supplement Facts: 

Serving Size: 2 Tablets.
Servings Per Container: 30.
Active Ingredients:
Zinc (as oxide) 15mg, 100%, Selenium (as chelate) 200mcg, 286%, Korean Ginseng Standardized Extract 10:1 (5% gensingosides) 300mg *, Saw Palmetto Standardized Extract (25% essential fatty acids) 320mg, Beta Sitosterols 600mg.
Other Ingredients:
Dicalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Silicone Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate. 

Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body?

No, as such claims, might prohibit the product from being able to be sold OTC. We do our best to include descriptions provided by the manufacturer and to provide information that is accurate but some may be outdated by the fast pace of more recent scientific developments and we have no way to verify every claim, therefore there is a small chance that something may be unintentionally misleading. The information presented is meant for Nutritional Benefit and as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. Obviously people are different and not every person will get the exact same results as another so no benefits can be guaranteed but we strive to only provide quality products where either customers or research from highly respected sites like WebMD have indicated that the product and/or one or more of its ingredients may provide a benefit. We do not manufacture any products, we are only a retailer of other companies products. We do our best to ensure quality by using the most reputable suppliers we can find, even though this may increase the cost of our offering, it also reduces the chances of getting counterfeit products. We rely on the manufacturer to control the quality of their products, as it is impossible for any retailer to test each batch of every product and stay in business.

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