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Hydroderm Hurtig-Virkende Rynkecreme [1 fl oz (30ml)]

Hydroderm Hurtig-Virkende Rynkecreme

1 oz, 30 ml

Hydroderm Age Defying Wrinkle Reducer of Beverly Hills is better than botox and results in an instant tightening effect and a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
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Beverly Hills : Answers For Younger Looking Skin New Collagen Infusion Delivery System. Because of its revolutionary delivery system, the use of Hydroderm results in an instant tightening effect and a significant reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically Tested - Doctor Recommended What the Wrinkle Reducer Does While many factors help keep skin young, soft and radiant, one of the most crucial involves collagen. More collagen is contained within the skin than any other protein, but collagen is constantly changing and adapting, as it gets exposed to many types of external factors (such as sun, weather, etc). Scientists now know that the gradual loss of collagen results in visibly dry, wrinkled, furrowed and dull skin. As collagen gets depleted, skin loses a key to its continued vitality. That’s why it begins to sag, crack and wrinkle as you age. Collagen is a primary component of healthy skin, yet it is a large molecule that is difficult to deliver through topical application. Most skin creams only feed the skin smaller molecules, such as partial proteins, hydrolyzed collagen (smashed up collagen molecules), vitamins and minerals. Until now, many people turned to doctors to restore collagen with direct injections. But injections are costly, inconvenient and irritating. Hydroderm helps solve that problem. After years of testing, Hydroderm scientists developed the unique Collagen Infusion Delivery System, a transdermal formula that actually delivers whole collagen molecules directly to the skin by ensuring the delivery of full collagen molecules to the skin. This invention was granted a U.S. Patent (#6,759,056) on July 6, 2004. Hydroderm scientists also discovered a natural concentrate of selected proteins, called Vyo Serum, which produces an immediate tightening effect and provides additional lift and vitality to skin. How to Use the Wrinkle Reducer For best results, use the Wrinkle Reducer at least twice a day. In the morning, wash your face thoroughly with warm water and your favorite cleanser. Shake the bottle well. Release the serum onto your fingertips. Apply the formula to skin. Use enough of the serum to cover with a substantial layer. Allow Hydroderm to settle in for a few minutes before applying a moisturizer (such as Hydroderm Intense Oil-Free Moisturizer) or makeup. In the evening, use Wrinkle Reducer after washing and cleansing your face before bedtime. Ingredients: Collagen (Marine) Distilled Water Igepal Cephene Methylparaben Ethylparaben Propylparaben Butylparaben Isobutylparaben Synasol Serum Protein Purified Water Amniotic Fluid Placental Protein Calfskin Extract Hydrolyzed Collagen Sodium Methylparaben Imidazolidinyl Urea Ethoxylated Glycerides Trisodium EDTA Potassium Sorbate Citric Acid Ascorbic Acid Searchables: hydroderm, hydraderma, hydroderma, hydroderm beverly hills, hydro derm, hydra derm, anti wrinkle, antiwrinkle, antiagin, anti aging

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