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DECEPTION Rynkecreme (45 dages forsyning)

DECEPTION Rynkecreme (45 dages forsyning)

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Mirakel Creme, der får rynkerne til at forsvinde + emu oil Smør cremen på rynkerne og se dem forsvinde.! snyd lidt med lidt Deception rynke-snydnings creme Set i TVs Oprah, i Allure, Vogue, LA Times,
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Mirakel Creme, der får rynkerne til at forsvinde + emu oil

Smør cremen på rynkerne og se dem forsvinde.!

snyd lidt med lidt Deception rynke-snydnings creme

Set i TVs Oprah, i Allure, Vogue, LA Times, og mange andre high fashion blade, DECEPTION får rynker til at forsvinde.
Billions of light-refracting nano-prisms in the cream come together on your skin's surface and bounce natural light into wrinkles. This light refraction causes the shadows created by wrinkles to dissapear. What most people don't know is that the human eye cannot see lines and wrinkles...the human eye only sees the shadows caused where lines and wrinkles block light. So, once natural light is bounced into a line or wrinkle, its shadow is eliminated and the wrinkle becomes invisible.

It's so easy to get results like these: 
"Deception disguises wrinkles" 
- Star Magazine 

"Better than Botox" 
- Chicago Tribune 

"Beauty Phenomenon!"  
- Vogue Magazine 

"Make-Up artist uses Deception on Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, Melanie Griffith... "  
- Dan's Papers 

"Practically erases fine lines"  
- Los Angeles Times

"Exfoliation and cell renewal overnight..."

"A potent skin de-ager..."

"The 21st century's fountain of youth is here..."

To get the most from DECEPTION, forget old-fashioned putty-like concealers that never match your skin tone. DECEPTION refracts natural light to perfectly match your own complexion. There is no need to spread DECEPTION all over your face. To apply correctly take a small dab on your finger tip (half the size of a dime) and softly glide it in one direction over the wrinkle lines that you want to hide. You can use DECEPTION with or without make-up. If you use a foundation, apply it first, then DECEPTION. Don't worry, DECEPTION will not mix into your makeup. It will not create any paste effect or leave behind any oily residue. There is no need to rub DECEPTION into your skin or apply it in large amounts. Just smooth the cream lightly over shadow lines ... it vanishes from your skin surface in about a minute after it's applied. Remember your don't need to "spackle" over the lines! Just apply according to these instructions and watch DECEPTION work its Hollywood Magic.

1 container of DECEPTION cream. A 45 day supply.

Deception, wrinkle, wrinkle-cream, emu oil

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