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Comb-Thru Texturizer No Lye No Mix (One Kit)

Finkæm Texturizer Regular No-Lye No Mix for Følsom Hovedbund .

2 Easy Steps - Works in Minutes

Finkæm Texturizer Regular Strength No-Lye No Mix Kit for Følsom Hovedbund, er det mest effektive eprodukt på markedet, med maximal conditioning, og længere varende resultat .
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Comb-Thru No-Lye Texturizer, offered here, is designed especially for shorter hair styles, making hard to comb hair more soft and manageable by enhancing the natural wave and curl pattern. Made in the USA For more manageability and easy styling, Comb-Thru Texturizer is a complete line that includes Comb-Thru Lite Creme Moisturizer, Greaseless Gel Pomade, Comb-Thru 2-n-1 Shampoo and Comb-Thru Softener Searchable: Afro-American Products, Afro-american, afroamerican, afro/american, afro american, African American, Black Products, hair texturizer, black hair texturizer, afro-american hair texturizer. Contents: The Comb Thru Texturizer: It comes with one application in an attractive retail box. You May Also Like: All Dudu Osun Kits All Ambi Skin Care Products

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