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Absorbine Jr Pain Relief Liquid (4oz) soothe your sore muscles

Absorbine Jr. Mod Muskelsmerter og Gigt

4 oz, 120 ml

Absorbine Jr. Mod Muskelsmerter & Gigt.
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Absorbine Jr. smertestillende Væske, Original med No-Mess Applikator.  Det bedste flydende smertestillende middel til rådighed.  Vil lindre dine ømme muskler, gigt, og varme,  kløende fødder!

Absorbine Jr Fordele:

Gennemtrængende varme lindrer  ømhed og smerter.

Natural mentol m/urteekstrakter hjælper til at fremskynde bedringen af  ​​trætte muskler.

 Aflaster kløe i forbindelse med fodsvamp og antiseptik

Forhindrer  infektion

Ikke fedtet, hurtig tørrende, og let at anvende 


Absorbine Jr. is a natural blend of botanical extracts that provides temporary relief of muscle aches, pains, strains, backache and arthritis. It also soothes hot, tired, itchy feet and has antiseptic qualities to help prevent infections. Over the years, Absorbine Jr. has become so popular that today it is in more of the nation's homes than any other liquid pain reliever. The Original Antiseptic Liniment! Fast acting liquid Penetrating warmth soothes away aches and pains Non-greasy, quick drying Natural menthol w/herbal extracts helps speed the recovery of tired muscles. Antiseptic to help prevent infection. Soothes the itching caused by athlete's foot and other fungal infections America's #1 Selling Liquid Pain Reliever Since 1892! As you apply Absorbine Jr., the soothing liquid penetrates deep into the injured muscle tissue. A warming sensation spreads through the affected area as blood vessels dilate and blood rushes right where you need it, bringing soothing relief. Medical research indicates that worn out, tired muscles recover much faster when Absorbine Jr. is used. There is no end to the uses for Absorbine Jr ! Sore, Stiff Muscles, Backaches, and Arthritis Hot, Tired, Achy Feet >Foot Odor Insect Bites, Bee Stings Sunburn, Rashes Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Bruises Directions: Adults and children 2 years of age and older: Apply to the affected area no more than 3 to 4 times daily. Apply generously! Children under 2 years of age: Consult a doctor Ingredients: Active Ingredients: contains: Menthol (Natural) (1.27%) (Topical analgesic) Inactive Ingredients: Absinthium Oil, Acetone, Chloroxylenol, FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090), FD&C Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake, Iodine, Plant Extracts of Calendula, Echinacea Angustifolia (Coneflower), Wormwood, Potassium Iodide, Thymol, Water Absorbine Jr. provides relief during the summer season. One of the many reasons to have your own bottle of Absorbine Jr.! Pain Relief Delivered How You Need It. Absorbine Jr. offers your hard-working muscles and joints effective, temporary pain relief. This exclusive formula combines proprietary blends of natural herbal extracts with a pain-fighting ingredient for sore muscles, strains, joint aches and minor arthritis pain. Searchables: Absorbine Jr Pain Relief Liquid, pain relief, absorbine,sore muscles,arthritis pain, liniment, joint pain, achy muscles, aches and pains

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